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Northern Municipality Clears Unlicensed Spots in Aali

2018-01-30 - 9:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: In cooperation with the representative of the 6th district of the Northern Municipal Council, Abdullah Ashour and in coordination with the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, the relevant security authorities and Urbaser Cleaning Company, the Municipality of the Northern Governorate launched a surprise campaign to clear the unlicensed spots and street vendor stands in the Aali area near the pottery factories on the Aali main road.

The campaign comes after the ongoing sale of unlicensed spots, which are exploited by some of Asian migrant workers and street vendors to sell various products and commodities that are not suitable for health and environment. This situation also caused frustration among the residents of the area after gatherings of Asian workers increased inside the neighborhoods and residential areas, as well as practices that don't adhere to the customs and traditions of the people of Bahrain.

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