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Trial of Board of Directors Member in Telecommunication Company who Embezzled 20 Million BD Continues

2018-02-07 - 9:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's First High Criminal Court adjourned the case of a Bahraini businessman and his partner over the charge of money laundering until March 6, to summon the rest witnesses, with the continued detention of the first suspect.

The first suspect, a member in board of directors in a telecommunication company, made use of being an owner of another company and made bank deposits and transfers related to fraud crimes which harmed the victim company. The suspect also falsified information technology data and did not reveal the owner of the revenues despite knowing they were acquired from these crimes, aiming at showing that he gained the money from a project, noting that the revenues reached 20 million BD.

The first suspect made deals and contracts between the victim company and his company stating that the victim company would buy capabilities of using rights specific for the Internet and perform maintenance works on the internet network from his own company, in exchange for funds that exceed the real value and illicitly gained 14 million and 71484 BD.

The first suspect took over these amounts mentioned in the papers which are owned by the victim company by deceitfully falsifying information technology data. He put 313 thousands and 200 BD in the bank account of the victim company as a trick to deceive the partners that they exceeded the targeted revenue and thus he received one million, 607 thousands and 804 BD.

He was also accused of falsifying data of information technology of the victim company. In addition, the suspect changed the percentage of partners and due revenues and changed his stock percentage in the victim company from 18.83% to 20 and 40% from 2011 to 2014.

The Public Prosecution accused the second suspect, a foreign person who is authorized to sign financial transactions, of taking part with the first suspect through agreeing and helping him commit the said crime.

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