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Public Security Chief Says Religious Visits to Iran Used as Cover for Inciting Acts against Bahrain

2018-04-03 - 5:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan accused Iran of interfering in Bahrain's internal affairs, while receiving a delegation from the US Senate.

An official statement said that Al-Hassan briefed the delegation on the Iranian interference in Bahrain's internal affairs. He claimed that Iran attracts "specific people, deceive them and brainwash them with extremist thinking as it uses the religious trips as a cover for several incitement works and the support by parties related to Iran's Revolutionary Guards for "terrorist" groups through training them to use and manufacture arms and explosives, aiming at carrying out terrorist acts in Bahrain."  

Al-Hassan reiterated accusations to Iran of harboring wanted over political cases, noting that some of them are sentenced to death penalty or life sentence.

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