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Saudi Arabia Issues Death Penalty against 4 Citizens over Forming Cell to Collude with Iran

2018-06-08 - 9:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Specialized Criminal Court issued preliminary verdict sentencing 4 citizens to death over charge of establishing cell to collude with Iran, training theoretically and practically in the camps of Iran's Revolutionary Guard on the use of weapons and explosives and street fighting, how to mislead the security authorities as well as attracting trainees and facilitating their travel to Iran through a tourism office owned by one of the suspects.

The authorities also accused the suspects of planning to form terrorist cells inside the country after receiving training on arms, explosives and military sciences, aiming at disrupting the Kingdom's unity and stability, intending to manufacture explosives, carrying out explosive operations inside Saudi Arabia and planning to assassinate some figures.

The court unanimously issued verdict to kill the suspects, close the mentioned tourism office and withdraw its license.

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