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Two Years after Stripping Ayatollah Qassim of his Nationality: June 20 Deserves to be “Bahraini Nationality Day”

2018-06-22 - 3:01 am

Bahrain Mirror: A statement issued by Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that June 20 of every year deserves to be "Bahraini Nationality Day" since this day marks a huge event that took place two years ago in 2016, when the authorities revoked the nationality of one of the most prominent figures in Bahrain's modern history at the societal, religious, political and historical level, namely Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim.

Al-Wefaq stressed in its statement that the withdrawal of Ayatollah Qassim's nationality constituted a political earthquake, since this move does not affect his person as much as it targets the essence of the social contract, which was not governed by a document as much as it was governed by pillars of the relationship, whose major pillar Sheikh Qassim represents.

Al-Wefaq considered that as a violation of the Bahraini nationality itself, and that it is a collective revocation of the nationality of all free and patriotic Bahrainis and that it targets all believers in the peaceful and democratic struggle to achieve their legitimate peaceful demands.

Al-Wefaq said that Sheikh Isa Qassim is one of the founders of the first constitution in Bahrain, the 1973 constitution and one of the founding members of the Constituent Assembly after the independence. He was a member of parliament in the first parliament in 1073, and had garnered the highest votes in the council. Al-Wefaq further stated that his stances and speeches have prevented Bahrain from slipping and have formed real protection of stability and national unity.

It added that the withdrawal of Ayatollah Qassim's citizenship was the result of the policy of the oppressive autocratic regime. It is the most severe punishment and the biggest violation of human rights, and highlights the number of violations and attacks launched against religious scholars and opposition figures and rights activists.

Al-Wefaq concluded by saying that this step was aimed at quelling the movement in Bahrain, a governmental adventure that resulted in escalating the popular discontent and brought the demands back to the forefront, making the situation more difficult and the popular movement more steadfast in continuing until their just and legitimate demands are met.


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