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Harassment against Female Political Prisoners in Bahrain Continue, Authorities Prevent One from Bed, Confiscate Children’s Photos of Another

2018-07-17 - 9:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: Activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that the authorities continued their harassment against female political prisoners.

She explained that detainee Amira Al-Qashaami complained about being deprived of a pen. She further stated that her memoir that contains some Duaa and writings in which she expressed her longing to children was confiscated.

Al-Saegh added that despite promising Amira to return her pen and memoir and despite her rejection to the confiscation of her belongings, none has been returned yet.

As for detainee Hajar Mansour, Al-Saegh said that the authorities confiscated her children's photos. Mansour considered this act an unjustified attack and that preventing her from keeping their photos is an additional punishment.

With respect to detainee Madina Ali, Al-Saegh stated that the detainee is still without a bed and that she sleeps on cell's floor, despite promises to provide her with a bed that maintains her right and dignity.

Al-Saegh concluded saying that detainee Najah Al-Sheikh sees that "the searching measures are humiliating and that confiscation of personal belongings is a punishment added to the series of violations practiced against female prisoners of conscience in particular."

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