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Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Al-Aradi Detained for 7 Days, Referred to Trial

2018-07-24 - 3:29 am

Bahrain Mirror: The head of the Northern Governorate Prosecution, Mohammed Salah, said that the Public Prosecutor's Office received a report from the Cybercrimes Department that a person (Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Al-Aradi) published offensive tweets on his personal account.

He said that the prosecution began investigating the incident and interrogated the accused, who admitted that the account was his own and was confronted with the statements made and offensive phrases used in the account, and ordered holding him for seven days pending investigation. He was charged with insulting a symbol glorified and sacred by a sect of people, according to article 310 / 2 of the Penal Code. Investigations are underway in preparation for referral of the case to the competent court.

Al-Aradi has published tweets via his Twitter account discussing historical issues that occurred after the death of Prophet Muhammad.


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