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Chinese Ambassador Demands Explanations on Bahrainís Not Recognizing Chinese Qualifications, Receives No Response

2018-07-30 - 9:00 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Chinese Ambassador to Bahrain Anwar Habibullah said that the embassy addressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education to know the reasons behind not ratifying the certificates of Bahraini graduates from Chinese universities, however, he received no response.

The ambassador added in a statement to the "Al-Bilad" daily that "he asked for a meeting with the Minister of Education Majid Al-Nuaimi. The latter, however, hasn't set a date for the meeting yet."

He explained "I asked the embassy about the reasons and I was told that among the reasons is the condition of training of students in hospitals affiliated with the universities (...) I sent inquiries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that of Education to address the issue, but the embassy hasn't received yet official responses to these questions."

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