Appeals Upholds 3-Month Jail Term against 6 Defendants over Charge of Assembling in Buri

2018-08-08 - 2:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Second High Criminal Appeals Court upheld a ruling sentencing 6 defendants, among 19 convicts, to 3 years in jail over charge of assembling and rioting in Buri.

The documents showed that the suspects, along with other unknown, took part, on 4/1/2016, in an assembly of about 25 persons in Buri and blocked the streets with palm trunks, garbage cans and trees.

The Public Prosecution referred 21 suspects to trial after accusing them of taking part, along with other unknowns, on 4/1/2016, in an assembly of more than 5 persons in a public place, aiming at disrupting public peace, noting that they used violence to achieve the aim they gathered for. It also accused them of deliberately putting, along with other unknowns, private transportation means to danger.

The first instance court convicted 19 suspects. It sentenced the suspects from the first till the tenth and from the twelfth until the twentieth to 3 months in jail and set 500 BD as bail to stop the execution of the sentence of each of them. Meanwhile, it acquitted the eleventh and twenty first suspects of the charges brought against them.

The 6 appellants challenged the ruling in the appeals court that mentioned that "when it took place, the appealed verdict fell into place for the palatable reasons upon which it was based, which the court considers as complimentary grounds for its verdict, and the appellants did not present anything new that would affect the validity of the appealed verdict, their appeal was rendered baseless, which requires the judiciary to reject it and uphold the appealed verdict.

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