Counselor Lulwa Budalamah: Your Instagram Convicts You

2018-08-28 - 3:32 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Media Counselor Lulwa Budalamah could now evade her alleged membership in the fake Lahaye University's advisory council. However, how can she get away with all the interviews she has been conducting with the press, which were also being posted on her Instagram page, in which Budalamah had been presenting herself to the readers as a member of the fake Dutch university's advisory council? It is too late for her now as she could have evaded this scandal when she was using this fake post for two years as a way of showing off to her delusional fans who were captivated by her sharp analyses.

Budalamah has been exposed as part of a larger scandal involving several of these fake universities and now she can do nothing but remain silent if she does not wish to apologize for being involved in such a scam which destroyed the future of  dozens and even hundreds of Bahrain, Gulf and Arab students, who have been tricked out of their money in return for fake diplomas.

There is no use in further tricking her readers by means of her "positions" and "qualifications". We, "Bahrain Mirror", have prepared a report detailing the activities of this fake university. We are well aware of what we wrote about and the methods we used to gather our information before accusing Budalamah and other Bahraini figures of involvement with such a scandal. We have also specifically said that "she was chosen to be part of the advisory council of the fake university of Lahaye." This is our exclusive accusation for now and we hope that she does not force us to go any further with it. If Budalamah has anything to say for herself, she should start by responding to this accusation. We also hope that she doesn't try to deny her membership as the rest of those involved have been doing in an attempt to clear their name.

Her late denial will only help affirm her involvement in this illegal network's operation. The people using or buying fake diplomas via the many fraudulent online universities are not the only ones to blame for the rampant corruption in the country's educational system. The people who contribute to these activities and become members of the councils of such universities are to blame as well. Budalamah has been using her title and promoting it on Instagram for two years. It has also been used in her interview with Al-Riyadh newspaper on May 21, 2016. She has not pointed out any mistakes in this article or on her Instagram page, as she has been posting this interview throughout the past two years until recently when her role in this illegal operation was exposed.

Lulwa Budalamah can now head to the Public Prosecutor as most others who have been exposed in this operation and others like it do, such as the president of Al-Ebdaa Bank Khaled Al-Ghazzawi. They can no longer threaten to use punitive and judicial measures to redeem themselves. Psychologists have ample researches on such cases whose symptoms appear on criminals. Showing fake confidence to trick the ignorant into believing they are right. However, these tricks no longer work as we know she lives in a system of privileges which has led the country to bankruptcy. She may evade judicial punishment, but she cannot escape the judgment from the public.

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