Bahraini FM Insults China in Presence of PM

2018-08-28 - 4:05 am

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: After the dilemma of the Bahraini Ministry of Education not accrediting certificates granted by sophisticated Chinese universities, it was time for posing an insult to China and its people, describing them as "gamblers" who gamble and have "hidden gambling desires". These were the exact words that the Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper published quoting Bahrain's Foreign Minister. The Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper Editor in Chief Anwar Abdul Rahman was the one to debut this talk about the Chinese.

In the morning of Monday August 27, 2018, and only hours after the daily newspapers were printed, Bahrain's Foreign Ministry issued a statement to avoid a scandal starring the Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmad, who was recently quoted by the Akhbar Al-Khaleej in a private conversation in presence of Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman. In the talks, the Foreign Minister insulted the Republic of China and the Chinese people. This comes after the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain expressed discontent after Bahrain refused to accredit and verify the degrees of its universities. According to an article by journalist Rashid al-Ghaeb, the Chinese Ambassador's attempts to resolve the matter have been neglected. The Bahraini Ministry of Education has announced is does not accredit degrees by Chinese universities, where dozens of Bahraini students are studying medicine.

For years now it has been accustomed that Egyptian managing editor of the Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper, Lotfy Naser, reports the discussion that occur in the Prime Minister's court, where he meets figures including merchants, journalists, along with some who seek personal interests from him. Usually, some officials attend this court as well, and yesterday Sunday, the Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmad was present.

It is well known that the managing editor of the Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper Lotfy Naser is very accurate in reporting and making sure he does not upset the Prime Minister, since the "Akhbar Al-Khaleej" is the PM-backed and affiliated newspaper.

Following is an excerpt of the conversation, including what the Foreign Minister said about China; as quoted by the newspaper:

The Prime Minister would then look at Mr. Anwar Abdul Rahman, who was sitting to his royal highness's right and said: How are you Mr. Anwar? (Anwar Abdul Rahman, the Akhbar Al-Khaleej Editor in Chief).

Samir Nas (President of Commerce Chamber) said: Mr. Anwar spent his vacation with the family in Spain this year.

Anwar Abdul Rahman: This is the first time I spend the summer vacation in Spain, and actually it was a different trip, where I saw many and different things. Because I traveled by sea on a cruise, I was surprised to see Chinese people lavishly spending money on gambling. I saw how an individual Chinese person would spend 100 thousand dollars, and then lose it to gambling in one night. More importantly is that he would be ready, with the same amount of money he lost, to gamble the following night. I don't know how the Chinese managed his affairs through the cruise's bank or any other way!

Mr. Anwar would then say: They used to say that Arabs spend their money on gambling and extravagance, and that they are the "brothers of the devils", but the truth is that an Arab does not spend his money on gambling, but rather spends it wisely more than many other peoples.

The Foreign Minister: Adding to what Mr. Anwar said, I say that the Chinese are known for their gambling. Take for example the "Macau Island" that was for years a Portuguese colony; when China first retrieved it, the first thing it did on the island was establish a big casino for gambling. Therefore, we see that the wealthy Chinese people are those who always go to that island to satisfy their hidden gambling desires.

Anwar Abdul Rahman: If an Arab rarely inclined to play gambling sometimes, the biggest amount he spends playing most often is $20, while if a Chinese spent $200 thousand, then that is something very normal for him. The Arab knows that when he travels, he is not allowed to have more than $10 thousand with him for his full summer or touristic trip, that is the law.

The aforementioned is the "Akhbar Al-Khaleej" excerpts quoted and translated by "Bahrain Mirror".

Journalist Rashid al-Ghaeb in his article today demanded resolving the issue in reference to the Ministry of Education not accrediting the degree certificates granted by Chinese Universities, where dozens of Bahrainis are studying medicine. Al-Ghaeb wondered "What was the reason behind the Ministry neglecting to meet the Chinese Ambassador in Manama, whose hand got tired of knocking with no response?"

Through his "Twitter" account, the Sweden-based Bahraini opposition figure Abdul Hadi Khalaf, mocked what the Bahrain Foreign Minister said about China, and wrote, "Bahrain's Foreign Ministry denies a statement for its Minister published by "Akhbar Al-Khaleej", in which he insulted the Republic of China. Could anyone advice that Minister to think a lot before uttering a word? And to call Mohammad bin Mubarak to inquire."

Khalaf noted that "Mohammad bin Mubarak was a Minister in the Independence Government in 1971. After Bahrain was accepted as a UN member state, and at its first vote at the United Nations General Assembly in September of that Year, Bahrain voted against accepting China to be a member state of the United Nations. It was an international joke that complements that [Foreign] Minister".

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