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National Institute for HR Says Force Used against Detainee Hajar Mansour Lawful

2018-10-03 - 1:22 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's National Institute for Human Rights claimed on Monday (1 October 2018) that the force used by a police officer against detainee Hajar Mansour was within the limits of the legal use of force.

Mansour had reported that the officer, Maryam Al-Bardouli, assaulted her (on September 16, 2018) by beating her, but the Interior Ministry claimed later that Mansour had beaten herself.

"The allegations made by the inmates about not allowing them to practice religious rites are incorrect and contrary to reality," the Institute said in a statement.

"As for the alleged abuse of one of the inmates, a delegation from the Institute checked the video recordings of the treatment of the center's officials towards this inmate, and it was found that the treatment was within the limits of the legal use of force and guarantees the inmate's safety," the statement further read.


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