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Justice Ministry Demands Quran Teaching Centers Not to Interfere in Elections, Not to Call for Elections Boycott

2018-10-08 - 6:42 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ministry of Justice issued a circular ordering Quran centers and Halaqat to distance themselves from any affairs linked to the elections.

This came amid the threats announced by the Interior Ministry that any person or party that encourages non-participation in the upcoming elections will be held accountable.

The circular demanded the directors of such centers and halaqat to take into consideration four things: "Forbidding the employees and members of these centers to issue or promote any Fatwa or direct and indirect advice to not participate in the upcoming elections, since this is considered an electoral crime and requires legal accountability."

In addition to "avoid using or allowing the centers directly or indirectly take part in the electoral propaganda of any candidate or party related to the elections. Also, candidates or parties linked to the elections shouldn't be presented in any of the programs and activities held by Quran centers or Halaqat. 

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