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Al-Wefaq’s Statement after Imposing VAT: A Black Day in History of Bahrain

2018-10-10 - 4:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society described the day in which the Parliament approved the value added tax (VAT) as a "black day in the history of Bahrain"

Al-Wefaq asserted that the Bahraini regime, through its institutions, which it forms according to its criteria and as it wishes, including its parliament, has approved the value added tax (VAT). This tax represents a stab in the back of the Bahraini citizen, who is exhausted due to poor living conditions, low salaries and wages and high prices of basic materials, goods and services. Al-Wefaq added that all of this comes within an integrated plan adopted by the regime to cover its financial failure due to corruption and theft of public funds and because the balances of rulers and officials are full at the expense of the citizens' livelihood.

A statement issued by Al-Wefaq on Sunday, October 7, 2018, after a meeting of the National Assembly that was called by the King, said that the House of Representatives voted in favor of the Royal Decree to impose VAT on citizens, which was expected since the House of Representatives is subservient to the government and does not work for the benefit of the citizens.

The society confirmed that this day is a black day in the history of Bahrain, which reflects the magnitude of the disaster that has struck Bahrain since the rule of tyranny and corruption took over and the state institutions, most notably the Parliament, have become a major burden on the country and the citizen.

It said that imposing this tax means opening the doors to further impoverish the citizen, and that this tax will not stop at a limit, while the citizen will become a prey to the authorities, which will keep biting him non-stop.

Al-Wefaq pointed out that the value added tax is imposed in developed countries where citizens choose the government and the parliament freely, and where there are public freedoms and constitutional institutions stemming from the will of the citizens. There, citizens can hold the government accountable for every penny taken from citizens. However, the authoritarian autocratic countries that are full of corruption practice the process of looting and seizure without any space for accountability, because the government is appointed, the parliament is semi-appointed and all institutions including the judicial institution are appointed and submissive to the regime itself. This poses an imminent threat in the future with these decrees that affect the life and livelihood of the citizens.

It is worth mentioning that the regime, through these nominal institutions, including the parliament, have exploited, in the past period, the circumstances, political retreats and economic problems by imposing a selective tax and lifting subsidies on the most important elements of life, including electricity, oil and meat. It also imposed hundreds of fees and additional fees on services and besieged the citizens from every side to cover for the theft of public money and wealth, from which millions and billions of dinars were madly accumulated in the pockets of officials.

Al-Wefaq called for the abolition of the value added tax and called on citizens not to submit to this situation because the future will be dark and unknown if this crazy policy continues to pressure the country and the citizens, without affecting the billions of dinars and personal and family projects at the expense of the country.


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