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Cassation Court Rejects Death Sentence of Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Ali, Refers Case to Appeals Court

2018-10-24 - 12:53 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Court of Cassation rejected the appealed death penalty issued against two political activists whom the authorities accuse of killing a policeman.

Lawyer Fatima Al-Hawaj said that the Court of Cassation turned down the appealed death penalty against defendants Hussein Ali and Mohammad Ramadan, based on the demand of the Attorney-General of the Minister of Justice.

The latter had submitted a request to the cassation court for reconsidering the issued verdict after new evidence emerged, and ordered to refer the case to the appeals court to issue its verdict.

The cassation court issued its final verdict on (November 16, 2015) in the case of policeman Abdulwahed Sayed Mohammad Faqir murder and attempted murder of others by a bomb blast in Al-Dair area on (February 14, 2014), sentencing the 2 defendants to death and the third to life imprisonment. It also handed down a 6-year prison term to 7 other defendants, also fining them 1000 BD.

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