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MoI Claims Accounts Calling to Boycott Elections Managed from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon

2018-11-15 - 10:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: Director-General of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security affiliated with the Interior Ministry issued a statement in which it claimed that calls to boycott parliamentary and municipal elections were made by social media accounts that are managed from outside Bahrain, particularly from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

The Director-General said that the findings were part of ongoing monitoring to ensure the security of the elections that will take place on November 24.   

He called upon citizens to seek information from reliable sources and don't count on posts on social media that focus on promoting sedition and misleading data. He expressed confidence in the national sense of Bahraini voters and their dedication to supporting the national interest to eliminate any opportunity for those who try to harm national unity and civil peace. 

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