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Land Transport and Oil Products Exempted from VAT

2018-12-27 - 5:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed stated that the Ministry will take all needed measures to not enforce the added value tax (VAT) on local and international exempted transport services. There is cooperation with competent parties during this experimental period to implement it and make sure that they do their duties effectively without compromising these services.

Moreover, the ministry is giving all sorts of services to companies and individuals in the land transportation sector some of which will be exempted from VAT. In addition, business owners will be able to retake the paid input tax on products and services in this sector with a later announcement regarding those services and related procedures.

The Bahraini Oil Minister Mohammad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa also stated that Bahrain will exempt oil products from VAT, which will be implemented next year, along with other essential products.

The Higher Chamber for the Bahraini Parliament has already given its final approval for the Tax Law Draft in October.

The added value tax which is up to 5 percent is part of the GCC's agreement in 2018 and is considered a big step for governments which have traditionally not enforced taxes relying instead on oil revenues.

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