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Al-Wefaq Deputy S-G: Wa'ad Society will Remain Present, Regime Will Continue to Uproot Every Opposing Voice

2019-01-24 - 2:48 am

Bahrain Mirror: The deputy secretary general of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, said that "dissolving and uprooting Wa'd Society is neither new nor surprising to everyone who understands the mentality of the regime in Bahrain. The regime's plan is eradication and crushing of anyone who says a word that bothers it."

"Wa'ad will remain present, strong and proactive, because it has a national vision and program," he said in a series of tweets.

"The dissolution of Wa'ad, Al-Wefaq, and Amal and the closure of Al-Wasat newspaper, the dismantling of the Teachers' Association, Doctors and Lawyers Associations, the sabotage of the work of the Bahrain trade unions and the disbanding of Taw'iya and Al-Risalah societies all reflect the way of thinking and governance of the ruling groups who have control over the country," he noted.

He further pointed out that "the regime operates as a bulldozer system that uproots all voices and opinions, and destroys anything that breathes in its path, whether an institution, a political, rights or cultural person or anything. All are ostracized by the regime."

"The mentality of eradication and marginalization by nature can be easily inflated and expanded, and may include those who are today at the heart of power, who could tomorrow be on the lists of the marginalized, and those who are crushed."

Al-Daihi stressed that the regime's mentality is what has produced innumerable crises, and the crises will grow affecting the economy, finance, development, administration, identity, politics, security and everything in society.

"The eight-year experience is enough to make one understand the mentality and behavior of the authorities, and that problems will create more problems and that there is no solution unless a comprehensive and inclusive political project is made," he concluded.


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