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Al-Wefaq Holds Event in Beirut Marking February 14 Uprising 8th Anniversary

2019-02-16 - 8:37 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq held an event in Beirut on Friday (February 15, 2019) commemorating the eighth anniversary of the February 14 uprising that erupted in Bahrain in 2011.

The Deputy Secretary-General of Al-Wefaq Society Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi delivered a speech at the beginning of the meeting, in which he stressed that the people won the political battle by adhering to the peaceful approach.

He said that the Bahraini people have a just cause and this requires determination and perseverance to achieve victory.

Greeting the Bahraini people, Al-Daihi said: "A thousand salutes and peace be upon the martyrs and thousands of political prisoners and Sheikh Ali Salman, lingering behind bars, and I pay a special tribute to the struggling Bahraini women,"

He went on to say that the people will certainly achieve their goals no matter how much the repression intensifies.

Al-Daihi then highlighted in his speech that for more than 10 years, warnings have been made about the repercussions of the regime's approach of repression and tyranny, as well as the dark future awaiting the country if the regime's policy is not corrected. He further pointed out that the regime in Bahrain became an example of oppression after losing its people, wasting its wealth and spreading its bad reputation.

"You have lost all the battles you fought against your people. I tell you all your bets have failed," he added.

Addressing the international community, Al-Daihi said: "You had an opportunity to implement the slogans you raise and move past the making mere statements towards practical programs that serve the Bahraini people."

On the other hand, Al-Daihi expressed his condemnation of the open relations with the Zionist entity, saying: "You have destroyed the country; running to the usurping entity will not do any good."

He also reiterated the position of the Shiite opposition that Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine. "We will not accept the normalization projects with the Zionist enemy," he added, pointing out that the Bahrainis, despite their wounds, still stood up in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Concluding his speech, Al-Daihi said that the opposition is committed to the national project based on unity, peaceful work and serious dialogue, stressing that "the regime, after the 8-year experience, has no option but to respond to popular demands."

A photo exhibition was held on the sidelines of the event, which was attended by a group of politicians and Sunni and Shiite clerics from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.


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