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Group of MPs Condemn Bahrain's Participation in Warsaw Conference

2019-02-21 - 11:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: A number of MPs issued a statement condemning what happened in Warsaw conference from collective meetings and photos for number of Arab ministers, including Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs, in the presence of Israeli PM.

The MPs demanded in their statement demanded the kingdom of Bahrain to commit to the official announced stance towards the Palestinian cause, the historic stances of the Bahraini people who support the Palestinian legitimate right in restoring Palestinian land, the decisions of Arab summits in this regard, the Arab initiative to solve the Palestinian cause and the Arab Palestinian right in restoring their land whose capital is Al-Quds.

Each of Abdulnabi Salman, Yousif Zainal, Mamdouh Al-Saleh, Kulthum Al-Hayeki and Falah Hashem signed the statement.

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