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Hajar Mansour Writes letter about her Two Years in Prison: Our place isn't here, we have family and children

2019-03-06 - 2:47 am

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activists published a letter written by Hajar Mansour, who is sentenced to 3 years in prison, marking her 2 years if imprisonment and being deprived of her children.

"Two years have passed without my children, husband and family. Two years of deprivation in prison in which I tried to be patient, yet tasted the bitterness of brutality and separation," Hajar wrote.

She adds "I am not alone, as there are people from this country with me, together we are experiencing the bitterness of separation.  This is not our place. We all have parents and children who are affected by our imprisonment and waiting for us eagerly, counting the days and nights. How many children miss their mothers who are behind towering walls."

Hajar then concluded her message with a religious prayer.

The Bahrain Court of Cassation upheld a three-year jail sentence against three relatives of prominent exiled activist Sayed Ahmed Al-Wadaei in a case described by the United Nations as an act of retaliation.

The three convicts are: Sayed Nizar Al-Wadaei, his cousin Mahmoud Marzouk Mansour, and mother-in-law Hajar Mansour.

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