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BMA President Warns from Large Gap Caused by Voluntary Retirement in Hospitals

2019-03-09 - 10:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: President of Bahrain Medical Association (BMA) Ghada Al-Qasim said that the quitting of a large number of medical and nursing staff working in the national hospitals, including Al-Salmaniya medical complex in particular, will certainly leave an impact and gap.

Al-Qasim said that the competent parties must provide new national cadres and expertise to fill this gap.

She noted that the retirement of those would negatively affect doctoring in Bahrain, in case this problem is not quickly resolved.

She said that no one can force a doctor to quit work at a certain age, and that the age of the doctor determines his experience, pointing out that the doctor is not limited by a legal age, and that there are several doctors who exceeded the legal age but we still need their scientific and administrative expertise.

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