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Al-Zayed Says Participants will be Compensated from Unemployed Fund Deductions within 3 Years

2019-03-25 - 9:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: Head of the Civil Service Bureau Ahmed Al-Zayed said that the revenues of Unemployment Fund reaches 82 million annually, meanwhile, the unemployment benefit is 8 million dinars, noting that the surplus is 74 million.

"The amount that the government will deduct from the fund will be compensated within 3 years from the new surpluses," he said, adding that 67% of the fund's budget is taken on the Government.

In response to a question about government bodies which are not included in the voluntary retirement program, he said "the employees benefiting from these bodies are thousand, half of whom may leave, and they will cost 15 million, and there will be no further deductions from the fund."

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