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Bahrain Launches Program to Support 100 Arab Start-Ups Companies, including 27 from Jordan

2019-04-08 - 8:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain rolled out a new program of support for the 100 Arab start-ups shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution, at the recently concluded World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa which concluded its work in Jordan on Sunday (April 7, 2019).

The special program, according to a statement issued by the forum, includes access possibility to the Bahraini market for companies selected as the top 100 Arab startups, and special treatment to enable these companies establish a presence in Bahrain and benefit from the supportive environment.

The private program provides an opportunity to these companies to access funding from Bahrain's Sovereign Wealth Fund and enables them to broaden their works locally and internationally.

An independent evaluation committee from the World Economic Forum and the Economic Development Board of Bahrain is to select the top 100 Arab startups that achieved remarkable successes, indicating that there were 27 Jordanian startups companies among the 100, Petra news agency reported.

The 100 companies are distributed as follows: 27 companies from Jordan, 21 from UAE, 10 from Saudi Arabia, 17 from Egypt, 7 from Lebanon, 6 from Tunisia, 5 from Bahrain, 4 from Palestine, 2 from Kuwait, and 1 from each of Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Yemen.

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