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University Graduates Make Up Over Half of Bahrain's Unemployed

2019-06-08 - 2:29 am

Bahrain Mirror: The head of a parliamentary inquiry committee said that more than half of the unemployed registered in the Bahraini Ministry of Labor are university graduates, pointing out that the number is expected to increase.

MP Ibrahim Al-Nafi'i, head of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the Bahrainization of Jobs, stated that the number of registered unemployed citizens amounted to 10,275, with about 74% females, i.e. the equivalent of 7,600 job seekers, 26% males i.e. around 2,675. Meanwhile, holders of university degrees among registered job seekers reached about 55%.

He further stressed in a press statement that the classification of the unemployed included 2,788 job seekers with high school diplomas, 888 holders of certificates below high school level, 953 holders of diplomas, 5598 holders of bachelor's degrees, 43 with a master's degree 4 with higher diplomas, and one with a PhD.


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