Abdulla Al-Junaid Insults Palestinian Leader Mustafa Al-Barghouti

2019-06-12 - 3:00 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): In an interview with RT channel about Bahrain hosting a conference to pass the US-Israeli deal of the century, Abdulla Al-Junaid attacked Mustafa Al-Bargouti, secretary general of the Palestinian National Initiative, accusing him and the Palestinian leaders of latching on to positions of leadership for long periods of time.

Al-Bargouti confirmed during the interview the Palestinian stance regarding the so-called deal of the century stressing that: "No one will be able to impose anything on us. No one can break our will, nor that of the people, who have been struggling for more than 100 years for their national rights."

He then commented on Bahrain's hosting of the normalization conference saying "the brothers in Bahrain should stop interfering in our internal affairs. We don't interfere in the affairs of any Arab state and we don't interfere in Bahrain's internal affairs. Bahrain has many problems. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

This provoked Abdulla Al-Junaid who attack Al-Barghouti saying in a loud voice: "I won't answer this insult" and yelled at Al-Barghouti, without taking into consideration the program presenter's request to remain calm and respectful: "We didn't interfere in your affairs...If you want to know where the problem is in Palestine, I will tell you, 60 (years) have passed and the same leaders remain."

As if Al-Junaid comes from a country whose leaders and rulers are changed for any other reason than death. It is ironic that he called Al-Barghouti's remark on Bahrain's internal problems an attack, while he talks on behalf of Palestinians and allows himself and his regime to hold conferences to pass deals that only concern Palestinians.



Who is Mustafa Al-Barghouti who was attacked by Al-Junaid? What are his qualifications, education and career records? And who is Abdulla Al-Junaid? What are his qualifications? Let's get to know both of them.

We first present the profile of Mustafa Kamel Al-Barghouti:

-         Palestinian politician, physician, university professor and writer. He received a Bachelor's degree in medicine, a postgraduate degree in Philosophy in Moscow and a Master's degree in Business Administration and Management from Stanford University in the United States.

-         Born in Al-Quds in 1954. His family hails from Deir Ghassaneh village, north of Ramallah.

-         Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative. He founded it along with Haidar Abdel-Shafi, Ibrahim Dakkak and Edward Said in 2002.

-         In 2005, he ran for President of the Palestinian National Authority, a rival to Mahmoud Abbas and received 19.48% of the total votes.

-         He played an important role in mediation between Fateh and Hamas, which led to establishing a Palestinian unity government where he was appointed as a Minister of Information.

-         He established and ran the Health, Development, Information, and Policy Institute since 1998.

-         He called for the adoption of "popular resistance" and self-reliance as a means of emancipation.

-         He established the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees that serves more than one and half million Palestinians annually.

-         His activity was strongly highlighted during the second Palestinian intifada (2000-2005), where he was active in mobilizing solidarity with the Palestinian cause and building the international campaign to protect the Palestinian people.

-         He contributed to building the boycott movement and imposing sanctions on Israel. He criticizes negotiations with the Israelis.

-         In 1991, he was a member in the Palestinian delegation sent to the Madrid conference

-         In 1992, he established a program to employ Palestinians deported from Kuwait and the Gulf to embrace the unemployed in Palestinian institutions.  

-         He participated in founding the National Commission for Rehabilitating Disabled Persons.

-         He participated in the Legislative Council elections in 1996 and was elected to represent the Ramallah district, but he gave up his seat to the Christian candidate, following the quota system.

-         He participated in the leading committee in the Madrid negotiations under the leadership of Dr. Haidar Abdel-Shafi and was a member of the steering committee for the multilateral negotiations until he resigned from the delegation in April 1993 due to opposing the approach of negotiations that led to the Oslo Agreement and continued settlement in the occupied territories.

-         He contributed to establishing and directing the Palestinian information and media monitoring system since 2002 that aims at influencing worldwide public opinion to confront the Israeli propaganda on an international level.

Now as for Abdulla Al-Junaid, he is:

-         Political researcher and analyst as he describes himself on his page, noting that no one has seen any of his published or unpublished work.

-         Godfather of normalization with the Israeli entity in Bahrain and spokesman of the regime.

-         "He has very close ties with the regime", as correspondent of the 10th Israeli channel described him.

-         Bahrainis didn't know him before the 2011 events. He was only known through his tweets on Twitter.


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