Outrage against Bahrainís Deal Rises: Regime Polishing Betrayal as Act of Peace and Prosperity

2019-06-03 - 3:26 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Frustration and angry reactions in the Arab and Islamic world have been ongoing since Bahrain announced hosting Trump's so-called deal of the century at the end of June. Widespread outrage has been raised against Bahrain, whose government, along with Saudi Arabia and the UAE have made a platform for publicly betraying the Palestinian cause and a corridor for normalization deals with the Zionist enemy.

Bahrain and its partners are trying to whitewash these acts of treason and conspiracy, and cover them with soft and smooth terms such as: Economic Workshop and Peace for Prosperity.

"Trump, Jared Kuchner, his son-in-law and political advisor, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain (who has been involved in the task of urging Palestinians to accept the scheme) are working towards subduing the Palestinians with force, which is the real intention behind the deal," said Al-Quds Al-Arabi, a London-based newspaper. "The partners still consider the issue to be purely linguistic, you just have to call the subdual a "deal" so that the weak side accepts it, and when it doesn't accept, you only have to invent a new word. This is what Bahrain has done. It suggested a more neutral term for naming the promotion meeting for (the deal) i.e. (an economic workshop)". The newspaper further highlighted that "the public relations experts have invented a nice title for it: (Peace for Prosperity)."

For its part, the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper said: "The aim of the workshop has become known, which is to launch the first stage of the "Deal of the Century", as the US administration will seek to buy Palestine literally, by convincing Arab and Western countries to invest in Palestine and the surrounding countries (Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt) with projects worth 68 billion dollars."

The Palestinian writer Saber Aref criticized Bahrain in the Rai Al-Youm newspaper, saying: "It did not even bother to tell the Palestinian Authority what it will do with the Americans and Israelis, and this confirms the level of collapse the Gulf states have reached in the announced and open conspiracy against the Palestinian cause and people."

Al-Arab newspaper said that Bahrain's justification for hosting the workshop came "after the controversy over the conference escalated, and regional circles began pushing for showing Manama's hosting for it as a Bahraini participation in paving the way for US president Donald Trump's administration to pass the deal which faces Palestinian objection, due to substituting Palestinians' legal rights with mere economic privileges and gains".

Ahmad Jamil Azm wrote in the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper: "This meeting can be seen from two perspectives, the first of which is being just a meeting like previous ones, which took place and ended up as a "bubble" with no results, except coverage and media work; the second is seeing this workshop, along with the meetings of Israelis working in the West Bank with a number of Palestinians.. to replace politics with economics."

Al-Quds Al-Arabi editorial described the workshop as doomed to fail miserably. It said the only success the workshop would achieve is adding a new paper to Manama's record in normalization with the Israeli enemy and achieving victory over the previous acts of Saudi and Abu Dhabi Crown Princes' in this regard.


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