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Detainee Al-Qashaami Accused of Harboring Martyr Al-Arab: Life is Senseless amid this Oppression

2019-07-30 - 4:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: Prisoner of conscience Amira Al-Qashaami, accused of harboring martyr Ali Al-Arab when he was pursued and who was recently executed, sent a letter to his mother saying "I am with you on this path until the end".

She extended her condolences to Al-Arab's mother in a phone call and said "our life is senseless and meaningless amid this oppression and unjustice. How sweet death is in the sake of Allah".

Al-Qashaami, who is sentenced to 5 years in prison, went on to say: "my greetings and condolences to your injured heart. I ask the almighty God that our ladies Al-Zahraa and Zeinab ease your sorrows. May god have mercy upon his soul and may he put him with his master Imam Al-Hussein." 

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