Osama Al-Tamimi, Don't Feel Sad, People's Hearts Are with You

2019-08-19 - 7:26 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Do you want to see Bahrain in its weakest states and where the security policies have led it to? Look at the former Bahraini MP Osama Al-Tamimi photos on a wheelchair after he survived a brain stroke and was banned from traveling to receive treatment. It is not a photo of an individual whom the national security agency had decided to crush. It is, however, a symbolic intensification of the level to which the repression of Bahraini nationalism has reached in general, and on the other hand the level of inflation and immorality reached by the security apparatus.

This is how Al-Tamimi's membership from the Parliament was dismissed and this is how his gym was targeted with bullets: A crime without a criminal.

This is how he, his family, children became a target of pursuit, intimidation and continuous raiding campaigns by the intelligence. This how he began to enter and leave prison only to be locked up again over fabricated cases.

This is how he became like a refugee seeking protection he didn't attain from the US Embassy. This is how he was promised by a so-called "official" that he would not be harassed, yet it was less than a month until the security mafia replayed its favorite game with him.

This is how his home was recently raided and he was taken to the security chambers to be transferred later to the hospital due to a brain stroke. Suddenly, the athletic man is now on a wheelchair hoping to travel to receive treatment, but he is forbidden to do so.

After all this, the whole Bahraini state is unable to do anything, not even say a word of truth about a former parliamentarian- neither did civil society groups, political societies, not even the few remaining opposition, the parliament with both of its chambers, the National Institute for Human Rights, the grievances office, the press, nor anyone has spoken out about Al-Tamimi's case.

Al-Tamimi sits alone on his wheelchair to confront the most brutal and meanest creatures. A country that seems to be empty and a sense of nationalism that seems to be affected by a plague.

In the "Trial" novel by Franz Kafka, Mr. Josef K. suddenly finds himself before two men who tell him he is wanted for trial without telling him his charge or crime. Thus, he was investigated and the chapters of his trial get built up on a charge he does not know. No one tells him what even the court is. Josef K. faces alone a large judicial system that has all the legal tools to convict and abuse him just because it wants to.

This is the state of the Bahraini today in short. He is alone as Mr. Josef K. is and as Osama Al-Tamimi is facing a huge and powerful authority that has been continuously targeting his soul since 2011. This has become his life since the country was entrusted to the security apparatus, which became the state and the people together.

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