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2,242 New Retirees during 2018: Statistics

2019-08-22 - 8:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: A statistics released by the Social Insurance Organization revealed that the total number of new retirees reached 2,242, including 9 disciplinary retirees, and 3 retirees due to judicial rulings during 2018.

The statistics indicated that the reasons for pension entitlement for new retirees included 185 due to old age, 1,078 voluntary resignations, 49 deaths, 15 due to disability and 13 due to ill health.

It also showed that there are 93 new retires during 2018 due to job cancelation, 6 due to non-disciplinary decisions and 753 cases due to early retirement and well as 38 cases for other reasons.

It is to mention that the average monthly pension for retirees and deceased amounts to 733 dinars until the first half of this year. The number of pension receivers increased to 75,974 in the public and private sectors, while the number of beneficiaries from pensions in the public sector has reached 30,610, with a 21% growth rate of 21%, given that the number of beneficiaries was 24,846 last year.

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