Islamabad Angry at Manama and Abu Dhabi's Honoring of Modi, Pakistani Delegation Visit to UAE Canceled

2019-08-27 - 8:45 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): It seems that the official as well as popular Pakistani outrage against the Emirati and Bahraini stances supporting India and disregard of the Pakistan position on the Kashmir issue has started to emerge in the media.

Pakistani media outlets said on Sunday (August 26, 2019) that Senate Chairperson Sadiq Sanjrani cancelled an official visit of his parliamentary delegation to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after Abu Dhabi's authorities honored the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Pakistani Senate Chairperson ignored Manama in his tour schedule.

Tension between Islamabad and New Delhi has been escalating since the latter decided to cancel an agreement on the special status of the disputed Kashmir region. The Pakistani "Geo" website stated that Sanjrani was scheduled to visit the UAE from August 25 to August 28 on the invitation of the UAE government.

Human rights activists criticized the honoring of two Gulf States of India despite its campaign in Kashmir after the Bahraini King conferred Order to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Manama.

Activists condemned the Emirati and Bahraini honoring of the Indian Prime Minister due to India's continuous campaign on Kashmir region.

"With several Gulf states in an ever-tightening embrace with Modi, human rights have been discarded in favor of economic opportunities," the Associated Press agency quoted human rights activist Samah Hadid as saying.

The Pakistani journalist Gharidah Farooqi said that the Zayed Medal "is given to Modi despite his crimes against Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir, at a time when millions of Muslims are killed, tortured, raped and living under curfew in Kashmir by order of Modi."

However, academic Ahmed bin Rashid said via a tweet that the Bahraini and Emirati authorities are racing to achieve India's content.

Abdulaziz Artan, a Somali academic, considered the honoring of Prime Minister Modi at this time to be a deliberate stand by obscurantists.

Both Abu Dhabi and Manama granted Modi Orders at a time Kashmir crisis is escalating since India abolished on August 5 terms of article 370 which gives Indian-administered Kashmir and Jammu autonomy. The decision is expected to come into effect on October 1, 2019.

Pakistani tweeters and activists are expressing, via social media outlets, their anger at Bahrain and UAE's stances dismissing Kashmir Muslims' human rights.

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