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Bahrain Files Complaint against Al-Jazeera with Arab League

2019-09-11 - 5:12 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Jazeera channel announced that the Kingdom of Bahrain had lodged a complaint with the Arab League after airing an episode of "What is Hidden is Worse" program revealing the secret cooperation between the Bahraini intelligence and activists from Al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

The complaint will be discussed during a meeting of Arab League foreign ministers scheduled for Tuesday (September 10) at the body's headquarters in Cairo, sources told the Qatar-based media network.

"What is Hidden is Worse" episode, aired in mid-July, revealed that Bahraini intelligence recruited Al-Qaeda members to assassinate prominent Bahraini dissidents and opposition figures in 2003.

The Government of Manama considered that the episode had offended it and relied on the opposition, thus it decided to lodge a complaint against Al-Jazeera to the Arab League, which provoked an outrage among many observers about such a move which they considered strange.

Bahraini opposition writer and political analyst Adel Marzouq said in an interview with Al-Jazeera that Bahrain is submitting its complaint against the channel to an incompetent party, referring to Arab League foreign ministers meeting in Cairo.

Marzouq added that the complaint diverts a media content accusing parties in the Bahraini government of supporting extremist groups such as al-Qaeda into a political path in the Gulf region, which is not related to the accusations.

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