Shura Council and House of Representatives Resume Work in Trivial Opening Ceremony, but Who Noticed their Absence?

2019-10-19 - 7:06 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa attended the opening of the second term of Parliament in a show similar to those we see in television shows, portraying how a royal convoy arrives in ancient times in Europe. The convoy was headed by horses and flag-bearers. The king's vehicle was at the center and followed by security vehicles, while queues of people were waiting to receive him. It was a meaningless show not inspired from any local heritage or history.

The opening of the second term of the parliament which hasn't been in service for 5 months can be described as trivial and dull. No one even noticed this event. Social media outlets didn't witness a popular reaction and no discussions were made about how parliamentary life has resumed.

The popular indifference on the resumption of parliamentary work reflects deep despair of the effectiveness of the political process in the country. Everyone knows that the country is run by the Royal Court with the help of the military apparatus, while the rest of the agencies and bodies are all details and decorations to pass what the Royal court and security apparatuses want.

The opening session was a miserable tribute to the king and those close to him. The king's 13-minute and 45-second speech was soulless and detached from any real or current concerns as if he were living in another planet. The final topic he addressed in the speech was the legislative authority, which he came to open its second session. It was merely a few lines repeated from previous speeches.

However, the address of the Speaker of the Bahraini House of Representatives Fawziya Zeinal was less than 10 minutes, while the majority of her speech included the word "Sir" repeatedly, addressing the king, and the rest included prayers to God asking for his protection, as well as some embellished statement not related whatsoever to the citizens' real worries.

The outcomes of the first term of the House of Representatives were very laughable and the second term is expected to be the same. About 100 proposals were submitted in the first term, 46 of which, which are not mandatory, were submitted to the government. The government has the right to approve or reject them.

The two councils (Shura and House of Representatives) were absent and then returned to work, while none felt their absence and no valuable statements were made by the members of both councils. Signs of relaxation clearly appeared on the members' faces following the longest vacation in the history of the two councils.

The two councils that passed the value added tax (VAT) and opened the treasury of the government's unemployment fund have turned by the authorities into a boring, futile puppet theatre managed by telephone calls. The two councils are as trivial as the King's speech.

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