Bahrainis' Investments Amount to $1.7 Billion in Jordan Stock Exchange

2019-10-23 - 8:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrainis' investments in the Amman Stock Exchange in Jordan reached $1.7 billion at the end of September 2019, accounting for 18.1% of GCC investors' total trades.

GCC investors reduced the value of their investments in the ASE in Jordan in September by 17.13% year-on-year.

According to a survey conducted by the economic "Mubasher" website, the investment of gulf customers in the ASE last month fell $9.29 billion. In September 2018, the value of investments from clients of these countries was $11.21 billion.

Data revealed that investments from Qatar led the declines by 26.30%, while Bahrain recorded the lowest decline rate of 9.33%.

In terms of investment value, Saudi Arabia ranked first with $2.42 billion and second after domestic investors, while investments from Oman recorded the lowest value in the Gulf at $294.56 million.

Data indicated that the total value of investments from the Gulf States accounted to 22.61% of the total domestic and foreign investments in Amman Stock Exchange amounting to $41.09 billion last month.

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