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After Shura Refusal, Parliamentary Legislative Committee Insists on 20% Salary Increase

2019-11-09 - 10:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Parliamentary Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee recommended that the House of Representatives insists on the Shura Council decision on a bill regarding the amendment of levels and salaries table (prepared in light of a bill submitted by the House of Representatives).

The bill, in addition to the preamble, contains two articles.  The first article provides a 20% increase in the salaries of regular, specialized, executive and educational degrees, and the second article is executive.

The Shura Council had discussed the bill in its third session of the second regular annual session of the fourth legislative term, and concluded that the bill was not approved in principle, while the decision of the House of Representatives was to approve the bill, and the amendments made to it. The bill aims at increasing the salaries of state employees who hold regular, specialized, executive and educational degrees by 20% of the base salary.

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