A Bahraini Night: Between Cries of Abbas Al-Samie’s Mother and Celebration of Country’s Team Win

2019-12-07 - 7:06 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Thursday night (December 6, 2019), while Bahrainis were enjoying a pleasure that clouded some of the awfulness of their unfortunate situation when their national team was qualified for the finals of Gulf Cup 19 and while people were expressing their joy and pride in their national team's qualification and the win was celebrated on social media, there was a different scene taking place in a small Bahraini village, Al-Sanabis, village of martyr Abbas Al-Samei.

Mother of martyr Al-Samei receives her other son, Mohammad, who was just released after spending 4 years in prison over politically-motivated charges. She approaches her son, holding a flower necklace which she puts around his neck. She embraces him pressing him close to her heart after 4 years of longing. She then remembers his brother, Abbas, and cries, O Abbas...O Abbas! She holds him even tighter as if she wants to keep him safe in her heart and cries, remembering Abbas. The place shakes with the wails and cries of the mother, her son and the people around her, as if the blood of Abbas has not yet cooled, as if the wounds from the four bullets that penetrated his heart are still bleeding. It is the cry that Abbas's mother kept bottled inside for two whole years since the execution of her son.

On that dark day on January 15, 2017, Abbas's mother did not show any sign of breaking down, but rather showed pride. She stood tall, raised her hands and prayed against those who unjustly killed him. That day, she spoke through the power of her son, Mr. Abbas, as she likes to proudly call him. Back then, she stood with her head held high, despite her broken heart. She gave all Bahrainis a lesson in strength and resilience, but today she fell apart. Her longing for her son took over her, so she broke down and cried her heart out. 

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