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33,000 Jobs with Salaries Exceeding BD700 Can be Occupied by Bahrainis in Private Sectors: GFBTU

2020-05-15 - 4:27 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Secretary-General of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) Abdulqadir Al-Shihabi said that Bahrain's private sector has provided more than 33,000 jobs with salaries exceeding 700 dinars, however, these jobs were taken by foreigners. Al-Shihab confirmed that these foreigners could be replaced by Bahrainis, noting that some salaries exceed 6,000 dinars.

Al-Shihabi said Bahrain's minimum salary could be made 700 dinars or more, given the 30,000 jobs currently employed by foreigners.

With respect to setting the minimum wage, Al-Shihabi said this is related to the international agreement (135) on the minimum wage, which Bahrain did not sign. The GFBTU Secretary-General revealed that it is difficult to sign this agreement in the presence of large numbers of expatriates that will be covered by the agreement, and which will oblige the government to pay the minimum wage to citizens and foreigners.

He said that there is a discussion to use the Unemployment fund to help the non-unemployed people, pointing out that paying wages of Bahrainis in the private sector from the Unemployment fund is incorrect and is a support for companies and not for the unemployed.

Al-Shihabi explained that the union's approval was due to the crisis and to prevent Bahrainis from being laid off.

He also stressed that the flexible work permit is an incorrect decision.

At a press conference today on the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic, the union recommended that Bahrainis be replaced in jobs with medium and high wages of 700 dinars.

The Secretary-General called for a gradual reduction of migrant workers, which are estimated to be 100,000, half of which are illegal.

He also highlighted the need for solidarity with Bahraini and expatriate workers in order to avoid delayed wages or layoffs.

Al-Shihabi said the union monitored the dismissal of 18 Bahraini workers during March and April, including 7 cases directly linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, adding that some cases have been resolved, and others will not be resolved.

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