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Cassation Court Upholds Death Sentences against Political Detainees Zuheir Ibrahim and Hussein Abdullah

2020-06-16 - 8:56 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Cassation Court upheld on Monday (June 15, 2020) death sentences against political detainees Zuheir Ibrahim Jassim and Hussein Abdullah Rashid. There are currently 11 political prisoners facing unjust death penalties awaiting the King’s ratification.


Zuheir Ibrahim, Hussein Abdullah, along with others were accused of targeting a bus for security men, leaving one dead and others injured. Meanwhile, Hussein Abdullah was accused of targeting a police car in Damistan in 2014.

Human rights organizations say that Zuheir Ibrahim, Hussein Abdullah and the convicted in the two cases were severely tortured to say confessions.

International human rights organizations describe jurisdiction in Bahrain as a system of injustice and says that Bahrain's courts play a key role in maintaining the country's highly repressive political order, routinely sentencing peaceful protesters to long prison terms.

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