Editorial: Not in the Name of the Bahraini People

2020-09-13 - 6:02 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): This degrading peace is not in our name. The stab in the back of the Palestinian people is not in our name. "We, the people of Bahrain, sacrifice ourselves for Palestine and Arabs and all Muslims". Our ancestors settled it back in the 1950s and we will precisely follow suit. We will neither fall for the sham calls for peace, nor your false rumors and practices. You will not turn the occupiers' image in our minds into a dove of peace and their helmet into a rose. You will not take us to your party of peace, and we will not be deceived by your songs. You are alone in this journey, all alone. A family of traitors, bandits and fools. We will not address you with honor because you are not honorable, and we will not choose a language of respect to speak with you because you do not deserve to be spoken to with respect. We smelled your rot from a distance of a thousand miles. We knew you were going to end up here, at rock bottom, and that's always been your goal. You chose to make peace with the likes of you, with murderers of children, and murderers of children you are too; make peace with an entity whose main tactic is based on violence, and that's your tactic when confronting the demands of your people.

You chose your isolation, and we choose to align ourselves with our natural place, with our nation. We, the people of Bahrain, are free of this peace: The peace of surrender. We, Bahrainis, are not the United Arab Emirates. We do not exalt our Shaikhs nor lick their shoes. Our leaders are Abdulrahman Al-Nuaimi, Sheikh Ali Salman, Sheikh Abdulameer Al-Jamri, Abdulrahman Al-Baker, Abdulaziz Al-Shamlan, Sayed Ali Kamal Al-Deen, Abdali Al-Alyawat, Abdulahadi Al-Khawaja, Mr. Hassan Mushaima and Mr. Abdulwahab Hussein. We are not familiar with hypocrisy and painting an act of shame as a "historical inevitability". We will not redefine the concept of the homeland so it would fit your view. We will not hide behind emoticons so you would pass this shameful carnival. We are different! We know you and you know us. We are a proud people that does not accept oppression. We shall call out your treason: your betrayal and villainy against our Palestinian brothers. Yes, villainy. Let's put it plainly and honestly say how things are.

The "sovereignty" that you hide behind is nothing but a cheap currency in your market. You accept it as willingly as a drunk accepts a drink. You have dragged the reputation of our country through the mud as a result of your extreme submission, until you've become the laughingstock of everyone. We are not a pack of corpses to fall for this nonsense. Your lame understanding of sovereignty means nothing to us because it is only made to have sovereignty over us, silencing our voices that go in line with our nation's movement and humane causes. A conflicting, miserable familial minority will not impose on us its notion of ineffective peace that turns the oppressor into a victim and the victim into an oppressor. We will not shut our mouths in the name of "sovereignty". We will not be silent about the erasure of our memory in the name of peace that's not really peace. Peace is Palestine. Peace is our resilient unfortunate people. Peace is Al-Quds, its breeze, olive trees and water. All of this is not in our name, not in our name.

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