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Sheikh Ali Salman Calls on Citizens to Take Coronavirus Vaccine, Abide by Medical Procedures

2021-02-03 - 5:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society posted on its social media accounts a statement issued by its Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman, who is sentenced to life imprisonment, in which he called on the people to take the Coronavirus vaccine and abide by medical procedures.

Sheikh Ali Salman said, "In my opinion, taking the vaccine and adhering to medical procedures is good for the human being himself, family, community and country."

"In my opinion, confronting the Coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions is a national and humanitarian matter that calls for the concerted efforts of all without exception," he added.

The opposition leader is serving his sixth year behind bars after a judicial trial considered by local and international human rights institutions malicious.

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