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Pakistani Intelligence Used Bahrain to Hold Meetings that Accelerated Afghan Gov't Collapse against Taliban

2021-10-05 - 6:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Rahmatullah Nabil, former head of Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security, said that relations between former President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistani intelligence were the direct cause of his government's collapse in Afghanistan.

"Dealings, secret flights with Pakistan and secret meetings with Pakistani intelligence leaders in Bahrain and Switzerland eventually led to the collapse of the regime," Nabil said via his Twitter account.

"I have spoken several times about Ghani and his team's secret relations with the Pakistani intelligence services, and I sincerely hope that the Afghan people will come to the conclusion that Ashraf Ghani was just a project."

After the US announced on April 30 that start of the US troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan in accordance with President Joe Biden's plan, the hardline Taliban launched a large-scale military campaign on former government sites on multiple fronts in the country.

During the recent months, Taliban has gained control of all border crossings. On August 15, Taliban militants entered the capital Kabul, where they took control of the presidential palace, while Ghani left the country and arrived in the UAE, saying he did so to "prevent a massacre".

On the night of August 16, the Taliban, made up primarily of Pashtuns, announced the end of the war in Afghanistan, noting that a new regime would be established in the coming days. On September 7, the group announced the establishment of a new government in the country, which included members of the movement's old guard.

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