Ahmed Jaafar Held in Isolated Building, Subjected to Torture

2022-02-02 - 8:18 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Ahmed Jaafar is not in Dry Dock Prison, nor is he among the political and criminal prisoners in Jaw Central Prison, so where is he?

On January 24, it was confirmed that the Serbian authorities extradited Bahraini dissident Ahmed Jaafar, after detaining him for two months, to Bahrain despite a ruling issued by the European Human Rights Court postponing the verdict.

The Serbian government may have handed him first to the United Arab Emirates where an airline owned by a member of the ruling family in the UAE, Royal Jet, landed in Belgrade and flew him to Bahrain.

On January 25, the authorities in Bahrain confirmed that they had received the man under a red notice issued by Interpol, and said Jaafar was sentenced to three life sentences, in addition to another 10 years. On the same day, Jaafar called his family to tell them that he was in the notorious criminal investigation building.

Around a day later, the Interior Ministry contacted the detainee's family, asked them to receive his personal belongings, and told them that he was transferred to Dry Dock Prison.

After increased media and human rights pressure to find out his fate, and the criticisms that Serbia faced. The public prosecution announced on January 29 that Ahmed Jaafar started serving his sentence.

It seemed that Jaafar was sent to join the convicted political prisoners in Jaw Prison; however, it was revealed days later that he was not there either.

His family received a call from him in the past few days. The call was short, but he clearly told them when he was asked: Where are you now? I don't know where I am, he said.

After several calls made by the family and a number of activists, it was confirmed that Ahmed Jaafar is in an isolated building in the Jaw area, but he does not know whether it is a building among Jaw Prison buildings, or an isolated building inside the police academy adjacent to Jaw Prison. It was confirmed that Jaafar is certainly being brutally tortured and that his life is in danger. This is what a human rights activist who is following this case confirmed.

Ahmed Jaafar is isolated and he is certainly not being treated well currently, that's what the activist concludes. "I have fears; I don't know what they're doing to the man now," he stresses.

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