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Fadeela Abdulrasoul Released after 15 Days in Detention

2022-03-01 - 5:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities released on Monday (February 28, 2022) Fadeela Abdulrasoul after 15 days in detention, but her husband, Sayed Radi Mousa Al-Alawi, and his brother, Sayed Jaafar, are still detained. 

The Interior Ministry arrested citizen Fadeela, her husband and brother-in-law over charge of covering up a prisoner of conscience, Sayed Mahdmoud Al-Sayed, who the regime claimed had escaped the psychiatry before he was arrested.

Sayed Mahmoud Al-Sayed escaped the psychiatry and headed to his grandfather's house. Meanwhile, the family said that he suffers a difficult mental health condition.

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