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Israel's Amb to Bahrain: Israel, Gulf States United Against Iran Thanks to Abraham Accords

2022-04-28 - 6:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Israeli ambassador Na'eh told CBN News during an exclusive interview in Bahrain's capital that "[Abraham Accords], in fact, historic- change to the course of events in the Middle East," adding that "They are an effort to take a road that has not been taken before. Establish relations with Israel and Arab countries that's proving to the rest of the Arab countries, to the rest of the world, to the rest of the region that it is possible."

Ambassador Na'eh stressed that the Gulf countries see the Iranian nuclear deal just like Israel does.

"We hear from them exactly what we say. The threat and the threat perceptions and the threat levels are pretty identical, by those who live in the region, by those who experience the behavior that Iran got infamous for; and the threat, the concern is real. We all know that the mother of problems in the Middle East is Iran. All we have to do is watch the news," Na'eh said.

CBN News met the Israeli diplomat as part of a delegation of evangelical Christian leaders led by Joel Rosenberg. 

Na'eh said that he is planning the first-ever celebration of Israeli Independence Day in Manama, inviting Bahraini business, government, religious and civic leaders. The event will be in about 10 days.

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