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Political Societies Calls on Gov't to Launch Packages to Help Citizens Like Gulf Packages

2022-07-07 - 4:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini political societies have called on the government to take steps similar to those taken by Gulf governments to ease the living burden on citizens.

Oil revenues are expected to double to more than 3 billion dinars this year, along with VAT revenues that are expected to reach 800 million dinars, the societies said in a statement.

They pointed out that these amounts would fill the entire budget deficit and create a large surplus, part of which should be used to support citizens and retirees through increased salaries, monthly benefits of all kinds and allowances for housing, widows, the unemployed and others. 

The statement signed by the Progressive Democratic Tribune (Al-Menbar), National Democratic Unionist Assembly (Al-Wahdawi), Al-Menber National Islamic Society, National Constitutional Assembly, Al-Saaf Islamic Society, Al-Wasat Al-Arabi Islamic Democratic Society and the Gathering of National Unity‎ pointed out that living developments are putting a great burden on citizens, especially in the light of low salaries and income, weak social protection network and unemployment, which threaten the living lives of hundreds of thousands of Bahraini families and push them into poverty.

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