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Lebanese Forces Leader Says Holding Conferences for Bahraini Opposition in Beirut Harms Lebanese National Interests

2022-08-04 - 4:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea said that holding conferences for the Bahraini opposition, the Saudi opposition or the Yemeni Ansar Allah group harms Lebanese national interests. 

In a press conference held on Wednesday (August 3, 2022), Geagea stressed that any future president of Lebanon must have the ability to refuse to hold conferences for the Bahraini, Saudi opposition and Yemen's Ansar Allah group, regardless of "the validity or invalidity, or the entitlement or not of the Houthis in Yemen or the Bahraini opposition in Bahrain."

It is to mention that the Lebanese presidential elections will be held in the next two months, and Geagea is presenting himself as one of the candidates for the presidency of the republic, succeeding Michel Aoun, whose six-year term has almost come to an end.

According to the Lebanese Constitution, the President of the Republic is elected indirectly through the House of Representatives and the presidential candidate is required to obtain a two-thirds majority of the deputies' votes to hold the post.

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