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70 Companies Participate in Implementation of Alternative Sanctions, Fears of Forced Employment of Prisoners

2022-09-03 - 5:05 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Samir Nass confirmed that private companies will participate in the implementation of alternative sanctions, amid fears of violating labor laws. 

Legal and labor affairs researcher Khalil Buhazaa warned against employing prisoners without pay them or at low wages. 

Buhazaa said on Twitter that "the employment of convicts in the private sector without paying them or with unfair wages is classified by ILO as a form of forced labor.

Bahrain is among the states that signed the Forced Labour Convention, which criminalizes forced labor.

The convention prohibits any form of forced or compulsory labor as a means of political coercion or education or as a punishment for holding or expressing political views or views ideologically opposed to the established political, social or economic system.

It also prohibits employing individuals as a method of mobilizing and using labor for purposes of economic development; as a punishment for having participated in strikes; or as a means of racial, social, national or religious discrimination.

Samir Nass said in an introductory meeting with private companies involved in the mechanism of implementing alternative sanctions that 70 companies have confirmed their readiness to participate in the initiative in the private sector so far. 

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