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Bu Sandal: Teaching Cost of Children of Foreigners Working in Gov't Reaches about BD 70 Million Annually

2022-09-06 - 3:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Former Al-Asala MP Ibrahim Bu Sandal said the cost of teaching the children of foreigners working in the government reaches about BD 70 million a year, calling for Bahrainizing governmental jobs.

Bu Sandal explained, in a series of tweets via Twitter, that the number of foreigners working in the public sector is about 7789 employees. "If we assume that the average of their children is 3, and the cost of one seat according to the Minister of Education is 3,000 dinars per year, then their teaching cost is BD 70 million."

"These figures are based on the premise of 3 children and if all of them are studying in public schools. We ask the concerned authorities to provide the people with accurate information, because this is something that concerns the people, all this cost is from their resources and at the expense of their opportunity."

He added "Even if we reduce the number of employees to only 6,000 considering that some of their children are in private schools and they study at their parent's expense, and reduce the average number of children to only two, the annual cost will be BD 36 million."

"This amount is not small (...) In any case, we need to reconsider and amend legislation. Our country is small, and our resources are barely enough for us."

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