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Bahraini Dies while Working in Kuwait

2022-11-21 - 1:13 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahraini youth Qassim Mohammed Abdulrasoul Al-Ali died in Kuwait (November 19) while working at a station belonging to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity.

Kuwaiti tweeter Fawaz Al-Saqer said that Al-Ali died as a result of the station's not applying safety procedures for divers. Al-Saqer revealed that this is the third death case in the past five years, stressing that the reason is due to the lack of application of diving safety measures by the station and not divers.

Al-Saqer added "We talked and met with the station's management a lot, but they underestimate the issue. They do not accept to spend the appropriate amounts in order to enable the competent companies to provide safety and protection for divers. This is happening in Kuwait and is ongoing...We will not remain silent on this issue. May god grant him mercy."

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water announced in a statement it issued "The death of one of the contractors workers «diver» at the Doha East Station by drowning while performing his work. At 9:15 am today, while one of the contractors was carrying out maintenance work for the sea outlet at the Doha East Electric Power and Water Distillation Station, one of the contractors drowned while perfroming his work. He was rescued and transferred to the hospital. The station was informed of his death."

Bahrain suffers from an unemployment crisis. The authorities say that there are at least 15,000 unemployed, while foreigners occupy most of the jobs available in Bahrain.

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