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US Ambassador: 8000 US Military Personnel in Manama, to be Provided with Fighters Jets

2023-02-13 - 6:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: US Ambassador to Manama Steven Bondy revealed that there are more than 8,000 US military personnel in Manama, noting that the Kingdom "will receive the F16 Block 70 fighter jet" even before the US Air Force gets it. 

In an interview with the Al-Bilad daily, Bondy said that the Royal Bahraini Air Force's first "F16 Block 70 fighter jet" will be ready on the onset of March 2023, adding that "Bahraini pilots will be trained to fly these aircraft in America and then in Bahrain."

He claimed that "the Kingdom of Bahrain will receive these aircraft even before the US Air Force obtains them," believing that this "reflects the high level of cooperation between the two countries."

"We will deliver attack helicopters to Bahrain, and we will also provide it with some equipment in the field of missiles and air defense. We have given several ships to Bahrain and they are now part of the Bahraini navy," he said.

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